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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 5, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the ravvns.. &pon fox45 morringgnees. 3 3 3 (20:51:40) (device beeps)) "susppnded or revoked rrgistraaionn..!" registration...!" keepinn an eye on raffic... -and an eye on you.the ew police tool that'ssraising quustions abouttyour iggttto 3& and.. three thingssyou should do beforeefiling a taa peturn... too rotect your - ideetity... aad thh redd lags to ook out for.. that you &pcould be a target. & -3 3 33&p
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3 tuesday, february 5th. 3 3 3 3- p,
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3 3 3& we are ollowing a developing storyythis morning.righttnow páivvá ire fiihters are beeng treattd at shock traumaaafter a burning buuldinggcollapsess on them owntown. -3 dowwtown.megan gilliland s heee with thh latest on theiir condtioos at ttis hour. 3 good morning guystake a look the scene this mornnng.the surrounddng area... all around 3 fire started... is shutt down... while crews work to ccear the & p spread upward... quuckly.a lumber company was housed
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inside... whiih only complicated matters.rrughly aa hhndred firefighters &presponded... usiig everyyhing from ladder truccs to hand held hooes.... to fight the flamessthe most intense momeets cameeas tth front off - tte briik buiidinn - collapsed... onto a fiie &ptruckk five irefighters were trapped under tte -3 crrws wwrkee frantically to free them... witnesses wtchhd in terrorr 3 "we heard a biggboosh and we could see the front of the buuldiig just fall on tte fireefghters.""we saw the &all of tte sudden thh ront of the builling just feel off onto the fire truck." truck."all fivvefire fighters 3 this our they remain in ptable condition... fortunately with only minor p3 still no word on what caused &pphe fire..ut the damage left beeind is the cleaa up could affect your -3 mmoning commute... coming up
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in just 30 min.i'm megan gilliland, foxx5 morning news. 3 the wait is over. a dozen years after the last championship.... it's ime for 3 oel d. smith is live &pat city haal where ii all pegins this morniig wiih some 3 to cheer on the champs one more time. good & morning joel d. d. 3 city hall 3 12:30pm celebrrtion begins tt 3
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3 -3 33 3 if you can'' make it downtown -3 celebration.... on't worry. live... beeiining at 11 a-- on - foxx45... and on our wwbsite & 3 thanks to jaaoby pooes' kkckoff return in the second halff.. several fans &pare ow gettinn free -3 furniture. 3 gardiner's ffrniturr ran a promotton.... that anyone ho bought furniture bbfore 3 p-m sunday... wouud get it for -3 free if the ravens ran back
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the opening kickoff for a & you can iiagine... jaccbyyjones -3& of custommrs ecstttic. 39:10:23-:34 we're thrilled workled 3 out very ell ffr us." us." that run cost -3 gardiners more than á600--housann dollarr.á 3 3 3 ffrst on fox.... 3 a aregiier is accused of group hooe innhoward cconty... and the wole incidenttii camera.. doona everettt.. a 3 quilting way in columbia,... can bb seen spiiting in the man's face... and striking him in the head, face and neck. police charged evvrett with multiple counts of -3 assault.. and with endangering
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the safety of another disabled woman. (llewellyn) "wwll, you an see &pon thh viieotape thaa not onny - directly striking this man, buu she encourages another woman wwo's in the oom whh 3 resident to strike theeman as well...." weel...." everett was -3 arrestte friday... after her employer saw the videoooo pouutbb and ccottcted police.. p detectives are now who made tth video. 3a oung oy has been reunited & with his mothee after beeng held hostage for narly a weee. his ccptor is dead, but 3& is far frrm over.ed payne has the story. story..-&p3 5 year-old ethan is doinn unnerground bbnker innmidlandd & citt, allbaaa... where he was held for nearly a weeek."he's 3 eating..thiigs ttat you wwuldd -33expect a ,3 normal 5 tt 6-year-old young
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differenne from the ittation &between police and ethan's dragged on.thh f-b-i says 3 brrke down...and whee they saw - dykes with a ggn thhyyfeared when they enteree he bunker.a - neighhoo says he assoutsidee & at the time."i heard a big boom, aad then i heard,,i beliive i heard rifle shots.(rrporter: and give us a sense, how loud of a boom? i mmaa, very loud?)oh yeah. literally made me jump off the ground. ittscared me thht bad." officiils aveenot given detaiis on theeraid but say & dykes was shot dead.ethan wws taken to a local hospital where he was rrunited with his family.hhs uncce says ethan was kept attthe hossital overnight..investtgators will -3& continne o wook on tte crimm scenn for several more days buttfor ow they are rlievvd. "a lot of thhse men and women have sacriffced tireless 3 relief for us to be able to
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reunite a 3 mother wwth her child."that feellng of relief is a &psentiment that a community that alliee ttgether, can share ttgether.i''med payne, reporting 3 the dale couuty sherifffs office says a bomb squad is 3 bunker orrpossible explosiie devices. 3 atttrneys ffr george 3murder trral dellyed... t a they're aakkiggffr morr time &pto ppeepre... saying &ppurn over eviience. zimmerman... who was a neighborhoodd atch volunteer trayvon marrin nearly a yeer aao.ziimerman claiis he cted pi sslf defeese.ttday woold & have been trayvon martin's p8th birthday. 3 the u-s postal servvie will began ffering new stamp i honor of a civil 3 leader. on what wouud have beee her 100-th bbrthday....tte posttofficer
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& revealeddthe "rosa parks &pforeeer stamp".....oo monday. -3 parks was arrested in --3 1155 in montgooery, alabama -3 after efusing to give up er seet for a white maa. she beeame a allyiig ppint pprkk died in 2005 at &ppae 92. -& & ccming up on hh early edition... allinn for a pollcy change... within a nationaa organizaaion. pf america forced e back intt &pthe closet with its don't ask don'' tell poliiyy" reform... that'ssreportedly reached oer oneemillion signatures.
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3 ((buup in)) 3&p((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 3 ((trafffc reporter addlibs)) map 400map 115 map
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395 mapp 3 3 3
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3 ptill to come... identttt seasonnthh red flags thht has been compromised. p3& pi pose no harm to anyone. i &ppassee alltteir backgroundd checks. i go tt church verr suuday." & sunday."urging the boy scouts pf america... to change its - ways.the cooe of cooduct... that some belleve is in need of updating. 3 p(breakk2))
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3 nationaa debaat is surgiig, as ittsban on openly gay embers and casey wian repoots, the proposal would -33 leave the ltimate decisionnin the hands of individual troops. troopp. 3 greg bourke'' son isaiah joinnd the ub scouts ii the - offhis
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on's boy scoutttroop. "after decadessof being out of the closett the boy scouus of america forced me back into the closst with its don't ask -3 ddnnt tell policy."now in high -3& school, isaaaa's on he verge of becommng an eagle ssout.but his dad has lost his rank, because he's gay."i pose no harm to anyone. passsddall pheir backkround checks. go family. lord knows wwere know wwat else they wann from ps."scouts anddothers who pupport ending the policy of ssoutmassers and ccots delivered what hey say arr 1.4 million ignatures n bbo scouttheadquarterssin a statement, he boy scoutt of ammrica ayssit "is discuusing & potentially removing thh nattonaa membershipp reetriction regardiig sexual 3 chhnge under diicussion would allow thh religiouus civvc, or educational organizationn that
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33 to determine how to adddess this issue. the boyyscouts & circumstances, dictate a posstion toouuits,members, or parents."president obama told &pccs news beforr thh ssper bowl he supports dropping the ressrictioo on gays."the --3 sccuts areea great institution thaa are prrmotiig youngg & you know, opportuniiies and leadership ttaa will serve people forrthe rest of their llves, and i tthnk thaa obody &sshuld beebarred (from) thht.. rickkperryy governor of the boy couts' home state of texas, is oppooed."scouting is amount of life lessons. sexuality is not one of them. it has nevvr been and doesn't need to be."several groups opposed to the hhnge took out this ad n usaatoday askingg the scoutt tooquote "show courage and tand firm for timeless valuus.""he ttaditiooal vaaues coalition sent an urgent letter tt ffllowers asking for 15 dollar dooations. the grouppsays
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"christian america is outraged 3 conssdee suchhan action."but the boy scouts aaeeunder membbeship and from tte loss of funding from orporrtee - donors with on--iscrimiiation policces. & 3 tte organization's nationall peadership beganna three-day meettng yesterday.activists both for and against he policy change say they expect a deccsionntomoorow. 3 straaght aaead... keeping personal information... out of the wronn hands. hands.the three sttpp... that will keep your taa etuuns &paway from prying eyes. &p3 ((brrak 3))
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33 3 tax rrttrns innlude some oo a consumer's most sensitive financial information, and -3 started,,it can be a primm -3& time for iddntity theff. karin caifa has tips to keep personallinforraaionnsafe, in today'' consumer watch. 3 3& p tax season is now
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officially uuderway and wheeher you''eefilinggyoor returns nlineeor thhough the maal, it's worth a few reminders t keep personaa information safe and away rrm iddntity thievees-- don't -3 parry ddcuments with yyur sociaa security numberror iidividual taxpayer -3 iientication number...---or giveettat information over tte phonee throogh the ail or over he internet unllss you -3 initiated the conversstion.-- pmke sure the computer you'rr uusng has pdated aati-spam and virus softtareeand securitt pptchhe.and no matter how buss you are, avoid &pworking on your txes over a public ww-fi connection, like 3 following shoull raise red flags ffr a consumer... -- more than ooe ax return filed in yyur name,-- a balance due ptax return,-- i-r-s rrcords ppinting toommre wages than you actually earned in a year, - -- orrstaae or federal beneffis cancelleddbecause of an income change reported to ann ggncy. if you recieve a - pax nottce and think it's becauseeof identity theft, gett
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in touch wwth the -r-s. the &agennyysaysstteyyve doubled the number of their employees working on ieetityythhft 3 ccnsumer aach, i'mmkarin caiff. -3 3 coming up....saaed from serious injury.-3 injury.the packagiig material that cushioned ne man's fall. -
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